How to get your documents officially translated from Spanish into English

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You have been living in Spain for a certain period of time. You have registered your marriage with the Spanish authorities and you even may have the nationality. You will probably have lots of paperwork, either in English or in Spanish.

Let’s suppose that you now need to send documents issued by the Spanish Authorities to your own country. This could be a Diploma, a Last Wills and Testaments, a Criminal Background check or any other document.

As always, the documents issued in Spain will be written in Spanish and the Authorities in your country will not accept a document unless it is in English. What can you do?

The answer is simple: get your documents officially translated by a Spanish Sworn Translator, authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What can we, Sworn Translators, do for you?

We can issue an Official Translation of your document, that will be accepted in your country. It also works when you need to produce before the Spanish Authorities a document issued in your own country.

Please bear in mind that the original document (the one issued by the authorities) will quite possibly need to be Apostilled with the Seal of the Convention of the Hague (we can help you with this).

You can bring your document to our office for quotation or send it via, e-mail, whatsapp, or any other messaging app, provided that it is a good quality scan or picture.


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